1-800-Packouts has been leading the personal property insurance industry since 2016. Our strength lies in our people. We’re always striving to improve our process, ourselves, and our customer experience. Simply meeting the status quo isn’t how we operate.

Initial inspection and inventory will be done in tandem with your insurer. Our teams are trained on packing and transport to ensure the safety of your items during travel. They’re stored in our private brick and mortar facilities then returned upon request, after restoration, in accordance to your insurance company's approval.

Our unified front can handle all aspects of personal property insurance. This is what brings people to our company. We’ve found a way to take complicated matters and simplify them for you.

Stefan Figley

After graduating from Texas Christian University, Figley worked as the marketing and operation manager for the Hines Company, developing the brand, market, and competitive research. From there, he was recruited to join the Leo Burnett Agency, one of the largest advertising and marketing firms in the world, where he focused on strategic marketing. While with Leo Burnett, he relocated overseas to help build strategic marketing hubs in Eastern Europe (Moscow) and Western Europe (Frankfurt). After spending time as Marketing Director for Red F, Figley found his home in franchising as the director of marketing for Terminix, one of the nation’s largest pest control franchisors. Later, he took a position as chief marketing officer of Merry Maids.

Figley’s desire to return to Texas led him to his role as chief operations officer for Jani-King. After significant growth in bottom- and top-line revenue at Jani-King, he took a leadership role with franchise restoration company, Steamatic, eventually becoming president. From there he stepped into a chief executive officer role with Westwood Contractors.

An all-American collegiate tennis player, Figley still enjoys playing tennis and golf with peers whenever he has the opportunity. Figley is married with a son and loves Friday night high school football games, and spends time volunteering for the Fort Worth Tennis Association.
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