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Bio-One Inc. is the category leader and first in biohazard decontamination and cleanup...
Five Star Bath Solutions
Five Star Bath Solutions is revolutionizing bathroom renovations with unique technology...
Gotcha Covered
Gotcha Covered offers custom window treatments for homes and businesses... 
Mosquito Shield
Mosquito Shield, America’s leading provider of mosquito and tick...
1-800-Packouts, a top property contents restoration firm, offers inventory...
Card My Yard
Card My Yard a top low-cost and home-based franchise with lifestyle flexibility...

Your Investment

Reap the rewards of a thriving business and a promising future. 

Cost Comparison &  Investment Info

The cost to invest in a Five Star franchise varies by brand and territory. Estimated initial investment ranges include initial franchise fees and other applicable fees which vary by brand.
* Full details can be found in Item 7 of specific brand Franchise Disclosure Documents. 

Five Star Bath Solutions

Estimated Initial Investment: $125,500 - $266,000*

Franchise Fee: $59,500*

Gotcha Covered

Estimated Initial Investment: $103,160 - $136,400*

Franchise Fee: $69,900*


Estimated Initial Investment: $116,295 - $169,795*

Franchise Fee: $60,000*


Estimated Initial Investment: $239,200 - $442,500*

Franchise Fee: $62,500*

Mosquito Shield

Estimated Initial Investment: $98,850 - $139,950*

Franchise Fee: $54,500*

Card My Yard

Estimated Initial Investment: $9,800 - $18,000*

Franchise Fee: $8,000*

Support You Can Count On

Experience the freedom of owning and running your very own home services business.

Build a fulfilling professional career that aligns with your unique aspirations. To help you succeed, we provide comprehensive training, valuable resources, and extensive network you can always rely on.
How do I cover the cost of buying a franchise?

Everyone starts somewhere. There are many ways to secure the money you’ll need to start your franchise ownership journey.

Here are the most common sources of funding: 

  • Existing capital (usually from savings, a retirement account, or income from another business)
  • Third-party loan (secured from a commercial bank or from the Small Business Association)
  • Cash loan from friends or family
  • New line of credit

Whichever path is right for you, you’ll need a clear understanding of your terms: your payment amount, interest rate, and schedule as applicable. Our team can help connect you to financing partners to identify your best options. 

Is assistance with financing available? 

It's a common misconception that you've got to empty your savings for a franchise business opportunity; you can easily access business loans and manage startup costs with help from finance advisors.

We will help guide you to make the best business choice and find the type of franchise that suits your budget and needs.

Start asking questions and figure out which path is right for you — it's all part of creating an effective foundation to empower your franchise's success.

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Awards & Recognition 

Five Star Franchising and our brands have earned awards and industry recognition from the very beginning.