We develop the best
franchise systems in
the service industry.

Five Star Franchising is the parent company
of 7 service brands that are making a huge
difference in the industry.

Our Mission

Develop the world’s best 
franchise systems in the
 service industry.

Our Vision

Ensure Five Star Franchisees are
the most successful services
business in their category.

Our Values

What makes us great and what makes us different is our commitment and passion for living the values that breed success. 

No fakey.

We act with honesty, integrity, and authenticity. We value our Five Star Franchisees, so we don’t do anything that could ruin our relationships.

Release the inner ninja.

We consistently innovate new and better ways of doing things. We know that sticking to the old ways is the key to
failure. We don’t want failure.

Loyal to
the royal.

We treat the royalties we receive from franchisees with care and frugality. We know that, sometimes, the money that goes doesn’t come back.

Get real.

We have the discipline to hold ourselves and each other accountable to results.
Results are the ingredients for success!

Feel the

We speak and act with optimism and positivity and we celebrate our successes.
Your success is definitely our success! Franchisees first!

Our Roots

We know how to grow Home Service Businesses because we began as a Home Service Business
Beginning as Five Star Painting, Five Star Franchising has
today evolved to encompass three brands: Five Star Painting,
Five Star Bath Solutions and Five Star Holiday Decor.

Having created a proven franchise system through Five Star
Painting, Five Star Franchising brings franchise partners the
tools and support needed to maximize entrepreneurial
potential in growing a home based business.
Five Star Franchising is focused on becoming the leading
home services franchise system. We believe we can make a
difference in providing professional and reliable home services
to our customers, while providing a rewarding entrepreneurial
opportunity for our franchise partners.

We are driven to foster the success of each of its franchisees.
Franchisees first!

Corporate Leadership

We act with honesty, integrity, and authenticity. Five Star Franchising is
being led by leaders who create leaders.

Scott Abbott

chief executive officer

Chad Jones

chief Operating officer

J. Andrew Mengason

Chief Growth Officer

Matt Morrison

Corporate Council

Steve White

Chief Financial Officer

Five Star Bath Solutions

Five Star Bath Solutions is advancing the bathroom renovation industry through innovative technology, custom products and attention to customer service.

Using cutting-edge software, Five Star Bath Solutions professionals will deliver a detailed estimate for your bathroom renovation project.
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Gotcha Covered

Window coverings play a major role in the entire look of your home. Gotcha Covered is committed to helping you get the most out of every room in your house!

Gotcha Covered proudly offers custom window
treatments, including blinds, draperies, shutters, and more that can take your home from drab to fab!
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ProNexis provides business owners a solution for connecting the homeowner to the service professional. It’s streamlined and efficient for all parties involved.

They pull all of your leads from different sources into their system and show white glove service in connecting you with your market.
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Bio-One provides best-in-class decontamination and biohazard cleanup services while treating clients with the privacy and compassion that these difficult moments demand.

They offer professional biohazard removal services to homes and businesses at an affordable price with as little interruption as possible, restoring spaces to safe and habitable places.
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With a unified front, providing top notch professionalism and proficiency, it’s no fluke that 1-800-Packouts leads the Personal Property Insurance Industry.

From corporate leadership to franchise owners and employees, it's the experienced names and hard workers that keep our business running successfully, in such a high-demand industry, across America.
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Our textile restoration services, combined with extensive training procedures, assure the highest quality of textile care.

Each location uses the same multi-step process and that utilizes our revolutionary pick-up, cleaning, storage, and delivery model. Our innovative training and procedures make 1-800-Textiles the premier solution for all textile needs.
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Mosquito Shield

We offer a solution to your outdoor pest problems in our unique mosquito control treatment system.

We don’t believe in a fixed schedule or a “one size fits all” service program. No company in the industry can keep up with our proven results because we do things differently.
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