Our Roots

Beginning as Five Star Painting, Five Star Franchising has today evolved to encompass three brands: Five Star Painting, Five Star Bath Solutions and Five Star Holiday Decor. Having created a proven franchise system through Five Star Painting, Five Star Franchising brings franchise partners the tools and support needed to maximize entrepreneurial potential in growing a home-based business.



Chad Jones and Scott Abbott met in 1985 and have been best friends since they were 11-years-old. Their friendship, built on trust, has allowed them to rely on each other through the years. At 19-years-old Chad moved away. In the mid-90s they both served religious missions in various areas in Europe. When they returned home from Europe, they both began school and started their own businesses.


Chad Jones                                          Scott Abbott

From 1998 – 2004, Chad owned a construction company. Interested in his company developing into a larger company, he took it to western Canadian cities introducing a painting model with corporate locations.

Scott built a large accounting and consulting practice that spearheaded the city’s premier outdoor festivals.

Summer of 2004, Chad returned to Winnipeg for a Friend’s wedding where he and Scott started talking about Chad’s business and the opportunity to grow the painting brand through a franchise business model. They decided to pursue this opportunity and in Fall of 2004 they developed the Five Star Painting franchising model.

In 2005, the Five Star Painting brand started to grow as they began to sell franchises. With this growth came the need for better technologies and fundamental lead generation. This was the start of Five Star Franchising, the parent company of Five Star Painting.

Scott moved Five Star Franchising to Spanish Fork, Utah, in 2006, and Chad soon followed in 2007.

Five Star Franchising attracted an incredible team who have helped to build the success of Five Star Franchising and Five Star Painting. Five Star Franchising’s mission, vision, and values inspired and drove the success of the entire team. Their efforts have brought Five Star Franchising recognition as one of the 100 fastest growing companies in Utah for six years running.

Five Star Painting

Five Star Painting was first started in Canada in 1998. By 2005 it was developed into a franchise and moved to Utah. In 2008 Five Star Painting had 50 locations in Canada and the United States. With the dedication and skill of the Five Star Franchising team, the success of each Five Star Painting location grew. By 2014 Five Star Painting had grown into an international brand with over 100 locations in four countries.

FSP Logo - Splash
The Dwyer Group, one of the most respected home service franchisors in the world, acquired Five Star Painting in 2015. Five Star Painting’s headquarters were then moved to Waco, Texas. The sale of the Five Star Painting brand is a huge testament to the success of Five Star Franchising’s mission to develop the best home service franchises in the industry.

Today, Five Star Painting has over 120 locations and continues to expand to new locations under The Dwyer Group.

Five Star Bath Solutions

Bath Solutions began in Belleville, Ontario, in 1996, with a vision to do things differently. From its founding Bath Solutions has been committed to providing superior customer experience at a time when typical contracts had soured the market by using cheap products, that were not made to last, and disregarding customer experience and satisfaction.


After succeeding in Belleville, by putting the customer first, Bath Solutions expanded throughout Ontario and into Alberta, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan receiving “Business of the Year” twice from Business Achievement Awards. Bath Solutions had built a model that entrepreneurs could take advantage of. With a focus on technology and high quality products Bath Solutions reached nearly 20 franchise locations throughout Canada.

With the commitment to customer experience it seemed natural to expand throughout all of North America. In 2013 Bath Solutions partnered with and was acquired by Five Star Franchising to help take the company to new levels of success and growth.

Five Star Holiday Décor

Five Star Holiday Décor was created in 2010 when Chad and Scott saw an opportunity during potentially slower seasons for Five Star Painting franchises. With all the ladders, vehicles, staff, and skills already in place, holiday lighting business was a perfect fit for Five Star Painting Franchise owners to continue steady work throughout the year.

Since then, Five Star Holiday Décor has expanded through the U.S. and Canada with owners both in Five Star Painting and from private home service business owners outside the Five Star Painting brand. Our Franchise owners have recognized more opportunities outside of holiday lighting for people’s homes and business, and has expanded their services to include event lighting for weddings and other events.


In the process of making Five Star Painting a franchise, Scott called 1,000 painters to collect data on the industry. Only 20 percent of the 1,000 painters that he called actually answered the phone. This is not a surprise to anyone who has ever hired a home service professional before, but Scott saw it as an opportunity.

ProNexis, originally called Five Star Connect, was created to serve as the connection between homeowners and home service professionals. ProNexis has freed up home service business owners to focus on what they are good at. ProNexis services have resulted in fast growth for Five Star Franchising and its franchised brands since it began 10 years ago, repeatedly earning Five Star Franchising the title as one of the fastest growing companies over the past 6 years.

ProNexis is now a stand-alone technology company that knows franchising and multi-unit operations. They ensure each brand has the best technology to identify, connect, and sell their services. Furthermore, ProNexis guarantees that the homeowner gets in touch with the right person to assist them with their needs anytime of the day. ProNexis is available to some of the most respected home service brands in the United States.