A successful business that is fairly inexpensive and simple to run, produces a high profit margin, and is attractive to a large demographic across the map. It should have the potential to become a nationally or internationally recognized brand. Often times, the only thing between a successful brand and international expansion is a franchise support system. Five Star Franchising offers that kind of backing, from legal support, to web development and marketing. Five Star Franchising has a successful track record of taking established brands from one or two locations to over a hundred locations and beyond. The Five Star team has earned their brands international recognition and gained the attention of larger companies, taking brands to new heights and greater success.

Turn Your Business Into a Franchise

For a successful business to become a flourishing franchise an informed decision needs to be made based on  the costs and benefits of every possibility. Franchising is just one possibility of several that should be taken into account. Franchising a business creates a potential for significant growth and expansion for your brand. The question that must first be examined is, is your business model attractive to potential franchise owners? If a business has certain qualities it may be a good business for a franchise.

If you have a successful business that is easily distinguishable and widely attractive to a demographic across the map, you have a good start. If your business is simple to duplicate and manage, even better. If your business fits all this, doesn’t require a large number of employees, and is reasonably low-cost to run, you may have a winning combination for a franchise.


Not every business that meet these criteria is an ideal candidate for becoming a franchise. Companies that should not become a franchise are complicated and difficult to run remotely, and have a record of low-profit margins.

Legal Support – FDD Creation

Five Star Franchising offers the full package to companies who are looking to turn their business into a franchise opportunity. Such endeavors require a good deal of legal support. Our in-house counsel provides all the necessary legal documents and information a company needs to open the way to success as a franchisor.


Part of that legal support includes drawing up a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) which outlines the agreement between a prospective franchisee and the franchisor. Such an agreement lays out compliance expectations that franchisees are expected to abide by; initial costs, annual fees, and charges to be paid by the franchisee; what the franchisor will provide as support to the franchisee and more. Five Star Franchising handles the creation of the Franchise Disclosure Document, which must be rewritten and renegotiated from one year to the next.

Marketing Support (consumer and franchising)

Five Star Franchising provides appropriate marketing collateral directed at target demographics, and marketing that is focused on your ideal franchisee candidate. Such marketing includes:

  • Web Developmentonline_marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Ad Campaigns
  • Google
  • Bing
  • Social Media
  • Online Content
  • Printed Materials

All of these elements are important cogs in a hug machine that functions to help your brand grow and expand with each new location.

Consumer and Franchising Sites

For any given franchise there are two separate target audiences the brand needs to reach in order to achieve success: Potential franchisees and consumers.

The first of these target audiences are potential franchisees, anyone interested in buying a franchise in a given brand. Franchisees are key to helping spread the brand to other geographical locations. We appeal to the ideal demographic through the creation of a website specifically designed to appeal to entrepreneurial minded individuals. Such individuals are usually seeking a career change and want to go into business for themselves.

Appealing to consumers is key to the success of individual franchise owners. Because of this the second target audience is the consumer. We start by studying a brand’s target market and setting up platforms to promote conversion. Five Star Franchising and their partners create the right set of circumstances to raise consumer awareness of our brands. We promote buying each brand’s service through specially designed websites that are optimized for high Google rankings. We set each franchise owner up for success with every web page we create. .

Sales Support

A website targeted at potential entrepreneurs who are seeking to own their own business is not enough to sell and expand a franchise. There has to be a dedicated sales team behind that website that stand ready to screen and approve potential franchise owners and then open the communication portal to answer their questions. Our sales support system is designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs as they make the big decision to commit to buying a franchise.

She's a friendly service representative

Behind that sales team is specially developed software to support our franchise sales staff as they work to screen and interview candidates for candidacy as a franchise owner. This software is designed to keep the sales team on top of where each candidate is in the process of evaluating and buying a franchise.