Consulting Services

For businesses that have already crossed the threshold into franchising, there has already been a huge learning curve. With that learning curve franchisors gain a better understanding of what is required and what they need to improve on. Five Star Franchising offers franchise consulting services that will address many, if not all pain points that come with developing an established franchise brand. Our consulting services include:

  • Marketing Materials
  • Legal/FDD Support
  • Franchise Sales

Marketing Materials

To develop a franchise and watch it spread to more locations across the map, the proper marketing materials are absolutely necessary. Five Star Franchising has proven experience in successfully growing a franchise from one location to over a hundred locations. Our marketing team knows how to identify and reach a given target market. We attract budding entrepreneurs to a franchise brand which opens the door to a potential sale of a franchise location.


Our expert web and content creation, powerful Search Engine Optimization, optimal Pay Per Click campaigns, and printed materials are all developed to target the ideal candidate for specific brands. Each brand needs candidates with specific qualities to run a location and we know how to reach those people to find the best candidates to grow and expand your brand.

Legal/FDD Support

For each franchise location a new franchise agreement must be created. This takes time, expertise and money to accomplish. It’s not something any attorney can draw up. Such an agreement must be created by a team of people who know what is required and expected of both parties in the agreement and how to carry that out to the best interest of the franchise brand and individual franchise owners.

Five Star Franchising offers a qualified team of experienced franchising advisors and legal counsel. This team will draw up Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD) for each franchisee and offer competent advice for any given situation that may arise between franchisee and franchisor.

Franchise Sales

Five Star Franchising draws promising entrepreneur-minded individuals to each franchise brands we support. We show them the potential they have to achieve their dreams with a selected brand. Our lead generation creates the opportunity to sell franchise territories across the map. Once these leads contact us we do a screening process to determine if they are an ideal candidate for a franchise. We evaluate everything from financial assets to their character, to determine their probability of success. The sale of a franchise territory is a matter of significant importance. Every location establishes a reputation that can reflect on a franchise brand as a whole and may affect the public perception of a brand in other territories. Our franchise sales team takes their job seriously in determining if a candidate is a good fit for a franchise and how likely they are to succeed.