Five Star Holiday Decor Light Recycling

Five Star Holiday DecorFive Star Holiday Decor collects Christmas lights to rescue them from landfills

With Spring-cleaning fever upon us, it is tempting to throw junk away rather than deal with the hassle of recycling it properly. To make life a little easier and our eco footprint a little smaller Five Star Holiday Decor is accepting Christmas light donations.

Five Star’s recycling program will break the lights down into glass, copper, and plastic and recycle each component responsibly. Donors are asked to mail their lights to the corporate office and to include their e-mail address with their recycled lights to receive a 10% discount from any Five Star service. A portion of the proceeds from this promotion will be donated to Toys for Tots.

President of Five Star Holiday Décor, Mark Knoch said, “We’re excited to do our part in being as ecologically responsible as possible. Each year, countless strands of Christmas lights are thrown away because a single bulb goes out or breaks. We’re hoping to reduce that waste.”

To participate in Five Star’s Recycling Program, Christmas lights can be mailed to:

Five Star Holiday Decor
Light Recycling Program
938 South 2000 West #240
Springville, UT 84663
(801) 851-5522