Five Star Franchising and Franchises for Sale

Five Star Franchising and Franchises for Sale join forces

Five Star Franchising and Franchises for Sale are merging together in what they hope will create a stronger overall experience for consumers interested in franchising opportunities.

“We’re bringing together our core strengths. Franchises for Sale has strong content optimization and networking that will help give us exposure to thousands of consumers interested in franchising opportunities,” Five Star Franchising CEO, Scott Abbott said. “In turn, we bring our strong social media, public relations and online marketing strategy.”

Five Star Franchising, founded 2008, is a holding company for various franchise concepts. Five Star partners with established businesses considering the franchise model to expand their operations.

Franchises for Sale, founded in 2009 by Richard Simtob (CEO) and Gail Parker (president), is the first lead generation site company of its kind focusing on educating prospective franchise candidates with more content and only charging franchise brands for leads that close.

“We focus on giving more information online including franchise fees, royalties, minimum/maximum investments, etc. The Franchisor pays nothing until the lead closes,” Simtob said. “For serious franchise candidates this is the #1 resource with all the detailed up to date information.”

Abbott and Simtob, longtime friends, have been looking for an opportunity to go into business with each other for years. With the current growth and expansion of both their companies they saw this as a great time to merge the companies.

“We have been trying to find ways to work together for years and have finally found something we can have some fun with,” Abbott said. “We’re excited about this merger and being able to create a stronger resource for the consumer.”